Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eternal Mediocrity

Why must companies mess with something that is perfectly fine?  Fortunately, this time it isn't that big of a deal.  It's just a logo.  But sometimes, logos are iconic and should just be left alone.  Remember what happened with The Gap?  They went from this: 

To this:  
Yeah, see how much that sucked? I don't think that new logo lasted very long after everyone freaked out about it. I guess Microsoft didn't get the memo though, because they just changed their logo after 25 years from this:

To this.  Behold!

Seriously, how does that take any thought at all.  It's too plain.  It's too basic.  Did it take them five minutes to come up with that?  Or did they just look at the disaster that was The Gap's feeble attempt at a new logo and just decide to go that route?  (Seriously, the similarities are quite distinctive!) I thought that the old logo was just fine.  It's been 25 years already.  What's a few more?  Then again, the new one is so basic, I suppose that it could last forever.  Great.  Eternal mediocrity (which is not a bad name for band). 

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