Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things That Annoyed Me Today

I've got some things that are bugging me.  Shocker, I know.  Let's review. 

I'm reading a story over yonder at the Huffington Post where they tell me that Usain Bolt won the gold medal in the 100 meter run thing that he does better than anyone else.  Oh.  Spoiler alert.  (Should that have come first?)  At the bottom of their brief write-up on it, it says "Story developing".  No, it isn't!  The story is not developing!  That one guy won that one race.  THAT'S the story!  There isn't anything developing about it at all!  If the headline had been "Runners line up to get ready for race", THEN they could have said "Story developing" because it WOULD have been.  But once something is over, it's not developing anymore.  It's developed.  It's over.  No more development.

So that annoyed me to the point where I had to step away from the computer and go and do something.  I chose to go to the grocery store.  They had chicken pot pies and Frito pies in the bakery department.  OK, look.  Just because something has "pie" in the name, doesn't mean that it goes next to cupcakes!  There is nothing MORE out of place in a bakery section than a chicken dish.  It's not bakery material and it's not going to be even if you put it there and pretend that it is.  Just because you put kittens in the oven, that doesn't make them biscuits. 

And I get home and the lunacy just picks up right where it left off.  Remember a couple of weeks ago when a few people found sewing needles in their sandwiches on their Delta flights?  OK, well, if you don't remember that it happened, just take my word for it that it did.  So the other day, someone else finds a needle in their sandwich.  And I read an article that says that they're trying to determine if it's a copycat.  Well, of course it's a copycat!  Either that or it's a two week old sandwich!  Is that something else I have to look out for when I fly now?  Not only am I supposed to be on the lookout for dangerous shards of metal in my flying food, but now I have to be concerned that said food might have been made over fourteen days ago?!  Great. 

And finally, NBC felt the need to apologize because some people were "offended" because after Gabby Douglas won the Olympic gold medal in the all-around competition, NBC aired a commercial for a new TV show called "Animal Practice".  And the commercial in question had a monkey hanging from some gymnastics rings.  I guess a bunch of idiots on Twitter were really upset and felt that it was "risky" and "disgusting" among other asinine comments that I read.  Folks, do you really think that NBC was implying that Gabby Douglas was a monkey because their regularly scheduled commercial just happened to follow a black chick winning a gold medal in gymnastics?  Really?  You think they planned it that way?  You think THAT is what they were going for when they made a commercial with a monkey in it?  That they were implying that black gymnasts are like monkeys?  Racism and perceived racism would almost certainly go away much quicker if everyone didn't just to absolutely ridiculous conclusions about, oh, everything.  No one was comparing her to a monkey!  And for the record, no one was comparing the monkey to her, either!  (Why doesn't anyone ever think about the monkeys!) 

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