Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Hurricane" Isaac

So far, my "Hurricane" Isaac predictions have been pretty accurate.  It's raining really hard in Louisiana and it's pretty wet.  Some things are flooding and there's some damage because that's what happens when 75mph winds and a boatload of rain come to town.  But of course, the media seems disappointed by all of this.  The Houston Chronicle even went as far as to come up with an article entitled "Why wasn't Isaac another Katrina?"  (Uh, because it was a completely DIFFERENT storm?! Just because there's a hurricane that happens to hit Louisiana, that doesn't mean that ALL hurricanes must wreak the havoc and destruction equal to or worse than Katrina! Why is an entire article needed to explain this fact? Why does this fact need explaining? So many questions. So little sanity.)  And then there's The Weather Channel.  I tuned in a few times today just to see what was going on.  Sadly, it was the same on The Weather Channel all the live long day as it was on every single news broadcast across the country.  Behold! 

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