Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Little Diversity, A Lot of Coordination

Somehow, in the last post, whilst doing all the mentioning of Susan Boyle and how she came in second place in "Britain's Got Talent", I neglected to mention who she came in second place to. She finished runner-up to a group called Diversity. They do some dancing. And when I say "some dancing" it's about the same as if I had said the ocean is a little damp. These guys are pretty amazing. Granted, I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time, so I'm easily impressed at just the slightest hint of coordination. And these guys have plenty of it.

The video of their performance during the Finals of "Britain's Got Talent" is below. I know it says that it's like 5 minutes long, but really, the "little dance number" that they do is less than 2 minutes, just so you know. (Maybe you're pressed for time. I don't know! Just trying to be helpful. And also trying to give you at least some reason to take the time to watch it. If I'm going to be watching a YouTube video, I've come to the conclusion that I can easily commit to one minute. Two? Perhaps. Anything longer than two minutes and I'm going to need some convincing. There's a lot of crap out there and I don't need to waste my time watching it.)

Behold! Diversity!

What'd I tell ya? Not bad, eh? Holy smokes!

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grannyann said...

They are pretty good but I wish Susan had won. Her voice is amazing.

Mare said...

Her voice is amazing, but I think a couple of things happened for her to lose. One is that the novelty had worn off. People were no longer surprised when she opened her mouth and sang. And that surprise was part of what propelled her to the ridiculous level of international fame that she suddenly received. With that surprise factor gone, I theorize that those who might have voted for her after, say, her debut, were not as impressed and voted for someone else.

Second, I think that so many people figured that she was going to win that they didn't bother voting at all since she was a lock. An occurrence that has been experienced more than once on American Idol. Couple that with my first theory and you have a possibility as to why her second place finish.

Fortunately, as also with American Idol, whichever place that these contestants come in does not necessarily matter in the long run when it comes to how well their careers will do. (Jennifer Hudson finished 7th on her American Idol stint. Chris Daughtry finished 5th I think. Both seem to be doing quite well. And little Clay Aiken finished 2nd and he's doing just fine also.)

I think that Susan Boyle will be fine. She needs some good people around her to protect her from the viciousness of the media. If you ever thought that tabloids in the US were brutal, I've heard that the ones in the UK are simply ruthless.

~ M