Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Bingo

Now that you're all nice and rightly sloshed from playing the Thanksgiving Drinking Game, it's time to play Thanksgiving Bingo! (This is apparently courtesy of Mark off the squares as they're observed.  (I for one am looking forward to marking off the "Someone Smoking Weed" square.)  I can already come up with nine that are going to be easily checked off within 20 minutes (10 minutes if you only count the drunk aunt).  If I can alter a couple just slightly (like changing 'Creepy Uncle' to 'Awesome Uncle' or changing 'racism' to 'extremely heated political discussion which may or may not involve Israel and a brief history of time') then I am golden.  There are some that I'm hoping to never check (like both explosive diarrhea AND the clogged toilet at the same time).  But I'm fairly certain I can get a bingo before halftime in the second football game.  Let's find out!


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