Thursday, November 29, 2012

Powerball Morons

Jimmy Kimmel is onto something.  Seriously, his man on the street interviews about things that never happened could have great sociological implications about the current state of our society and the need for perceived instant fame.  Why do people lie about things when a camera is shoved in their face?  I don't get it.  What's the harm in just saying "That's not a thing"?  This time, people were asked if they bought Powerball tickets before the huge jackpot drawing yesterday.  The people that he asked were in California.  And the thing is is that while the people were in California, the Powerball is not.  That's right.  California doesn't even have the Powerball lottery game.  (They have something called Mega Millions.  They also have just a statewide lottery game called Super Lotto.  Neither of these facts have anything to do with this story other than they are both NOT Powerball and buying tickets for either one of them will NOT have you entered in the Powerball drawing.) But do you think that the fact that the specific lottery game that these morons were asked about isn't available in their state stopped these people from answering truthfully?  Of course it didn't!  No, they answered with glee about how they had bought their tickets "just over there".  Some of them even went as far as to mention how long the line was!  There WAS NO line!  That's because there WERE NO Powerball tickets! 

This needs to be studied.  Those people need to be confronted and asked what in the hell they were talking about and why they were flat out lying to the camera.  DID they actually buy something that they thought was a Powerball ticket?  (Maybe it actually is like Jimmy Kimmel surmised there at the end that they bought Powerade and were simply confused.  Then again, I didn't see any sports drinks in their presence, so that might not be the case.)  Or were they just flat out lying and making themselves look asinine on purpose?  If so, what purpose did that serve, exactly?  I'm so confused while at the same time being completely fascinated by this phenomenon.  I really need to start doing stuff like this.  The video of all this asshattery is below.  Enjoy!

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