Sunday, November 11, 2012

Shut Up, Pat!

Ever wanted to sit around and have a little discussion with your grandfather about the latest hot pornographic novel that's taking the country by storm?  Of course you don't!  No one does! Why on earth would you?!  But for some reason, the ancient Pat Robertson decided to discuss porn with his much younger female cohort on his show The 700 Club.  (Do people really watch that?  I guess they must since it's been on the air for many years.  I guess I just don't see the appeal.  Then again, it's obviously not made for people like me, so there you go.)  That's right.  He decided to attempt to discuss the appeal of porn for people and then go on to be shocked that people actually watch porn.  (Good Lord, no one turn him loose on the Internet.)  The co-host doesn't seem all that comfortable with the situation and denies watching porn.  (Seems smart.  Even if she did watch porn, I don't know that revealing that to Pat Robertson in the midst of an episode of the 700 Club is the best place to come clean with such an admission.)  Can you blame her?  Watch their uncomfortable interaction below!

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