Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day!  Hey, do you wanna do something to show your support for veterans?  I mean really do something besides slapping a ribbon on your car and calling it good.  Something that is going to make a difference.  Something that is going to help the guys who were injured whilst out there fighting for your freedom.  And I mean really injured.  You want to help out.  Here's a suggestion:
Please make a donation to Fisher House.  Let me explain how awesome this organization is.  What it does is provide a place for families to live close by to their loved one who has been injured in the line of duty and is recovering at a nearby hospital.  (One of the long term goals of Fisher House is to have a Fisher House on every major VA hospital in the country.)  Fisher House lets the families live right next to these guys and women who have made a huge sacrifice while serving this awesome country of ours.  Think about how hard it would be to recover from your injuries without your family nearby.  Think about how hard it would be to know that your son or daughter or spouse was in a hospital in a different part of the country than where you were.  Think about how you would pay for your food and your accommodations and your travel if you had to go to the side of your loved one who had been injured.  Fisher House makes it so those things are taken care of.   Fisher House makes it so that those brave soldiers can heal with their family by their side.

 In case your worried about how your donation will be spent, worry no more!  Fisher House Foundation has received an A+ rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy in its “Veterans and Military” category for six straight years. Out of 42 charities rated, Fisher House Foundation is one of four charities to receive an A+ rating. Also, Fisher House Foundation has received the seventh consecutive four-star rating from Charity Navigator - an accomplishment attained by only the top two percent of non-profits they evaluate.  That means that your money goes toward the cause that it is intended to support.  It doesn't go toward advertising.  It doesn't go toward fundraising.  It doesn't go toward salary.  It doesn't go toward administration.  It goes toward building and running more Fisher House buildings next to the VA hospitals in this country.  Look, Since 1990, Fisher House Foundation has served more than 160,000 families and provided over 4 million days of lodging, saving them more than $192 million in lodging and transportation costs.  What more could you want than that?  And why wouldn't you want to be a part of it? 

Any donation helps.  If you can spare five bucks, please consider donating it to this incredible cause.  If you can spare more than five bucks, please consider donating it to this incredible cause.  I don't ask much from you people that read this (other than you keep reading and maybe laugh once in a while), but I'm going to ask for you to seriously consider donating to this organization.  I'll even make it really simple for you.  My absolute favorite morning AM radio show, Armstrong & Getty, are doing a fundraiser this week.  Last year, they raised over $400,000 from their listeners.  They've made it incredibly easy to donate.  Just click this link and then click the big orange Donate Today box.  Or you can click on the Fisher House link I provided above and donate directly from there.  It doesn't matter where you donate from. The only thing that matters is that you donate.  It's an excellent cause.  I give to very few charities, but Fisher House is one that I can whole heartedly get behind and support and I have no problem spreading the word about such a great organization.  Just donate.  Please.  Pretty please?  Thank you. 

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