Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Isn't Real

So, enough talk about Black Friday (it's not just for black anymore!).  Today was Cyber Monday.  Cyber Monday is the most ridiculous non-event in the history of the Internet, possibly in the history of the world. You know why?  Because it doesn't matter, that's why.

Look, you can almost always get a good deal online on something, anything, if you just look hard enough and are persistent enough.  And people shop online for great deals every day.  Get a little more savvy about things (like how to find and use online coupons which appear to exist for damn near everything) and there go!  Saving money like a pro! 

One of these days, if my Give-A-Damn ever comes back, I'm going to do an in depth research study on the pricing of products before Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  I'm going to figure out how those prices, both before and after, compare to those in the actual store.  Then I'm going to figure out what the lowest possible price is and compare that to something (haven't thought this through all the way).  But then comes to most important part.  I'm going to figure out if the product that is SUCH a great bargain is a piece of crap or not or if it's anything that you even actually would ever want in your entire life! 

Seriously, if you can't find a decent bargain online any other day of the year besides "Cyber Monday" then you have a bigger problem than needing to convince yourself that you're saving ungodly amounts of money. 

(Side note:  I know that this post is short and probably sub-par.  I am simply exhausted.  It's hard coming up with this stuff every single day.  But I'm hoping that you get my general point and won't give up on me.  Thanks.)

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