Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wedding Slideshow Carte Blanche

OK, so if I go to a website and I see something that makes me literally laugh out loud (not 'lol'! I'm very anti-lol. Saying 'laugh out loud' is just fine. Saying 'lol' is not. And I realize that the only way that you'll understand why I feel this way is if you do too. So if you get it, welcome.) I'm going to remember it and I'm going to advocate it. Thus, today a website which calls itself Olde English caused me to do just that. Laugh. Out loud. For this reason. Behold!

Trust me, those guys over there at Olde English are pretty funny effers. Give 'em a whirl. Check out the Best Wedding Slideshow Ever. It's clever. Here's a hint of how it goes:

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