Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sanity Prevails in Hollywood

Sanity prevails!!! And in Hollywood, none the less! Not to mention, none too soon. I was beginning to think the entire world had really, truly, honest to God lost it's collective mind when people from all over came out in support of Roman Polanski! Yes! There has been this inexplicable support for none other than a child rapist! Go figure, eh? Well, I tried to figure it out and I just couldn't. I mean, I did come up with the folks in Hollywood who were supporting this cowardice pervert were so out of touch with reality, so self-congratulatory and so self-important that they have grossly over-estimated the effect that their particular craft actually has on society and on humankind and civilization overall. I came up with that. Does that count? Of course it does!

Who in their right mind would support Roman Polanski, a man who, thirty years ago when he was 44, raped and sodomized a 13 year old girl? The answer to that is no one. NO ONE in their right mind would support an admitted child rapist, I don't give a fat rat's ass how long ago said raping of said child occurred. It's one of the basic rules of life. Never lend your support to a self-proclaimed child rapist. That's one of the rules. One of the other rules is NEVER EVER lend your support to a self-proclaimed child rapist.

What did Debra Winger have to say about Roman Polanski's arrest? Yes, I realize that the initial answer to that question is "Who cares what Debra Winger has to say about anything?" And that is a correct and justified answer. But let me just tell you what she did say. Debra Winger (shown in the photo below looking as if she could use a few teeth whitening treatments as well as some contact lenses) said “This fledgling festival has been unfairly exploited and whenever this happens the whole art world suffers. We hope today this latest (arrest) order will be dropped. It is based on a three-decades-old case that is dead but for minor technicalities. We stand by him and await his release and his next masterpiece.We came to Zurich to honor Roman Polanski as a great artist but under these sad and arcane circumstances we can only think of him today as a human being uncertain of the year ahead. His life has always informed his art and it always will.”

::: sigh ::: Somewhere out there, a village is missing their idiot. "The whole art world suffers"?? I've checked my paintings. None of them are crying over the arrest of Roman Polanski. And if your festival is fledgling, what say you just pipe down about it, eh? And yes, it is based on, not a "case", but a rape that happened three decades ago. As for your "minor technicalities" that you cite? Those would be jumping bail and fleeing the country to avoid prosecution. NOT so minor, really. NOT so minor.

But let's say I believe you, Debra Wingnut. Let's say I believe you. If the technicalities are so, and I'm using your words here, "minor", then why in the world hasn't he just returned to the United States to straighten things out? After all, a technicality is a technicality and if a pinhead such as yourself can notice their technicalities then it really should be no problem at all to clear this thing right up now, shouldn't it? WHY hasn't he returned before being FORCED to return? Because it's NOT a technicality, that is correct. Now pipe down and go back to living some meager existence off of royalties from An Officer and a Gentleman.

Wait! I started off talking about sanity (which is clearly something that has evaded Debra Wingnut). Enter my hero and proclaimer of the words of the sane, Jamie Lee Curtis!

Now, I've been a Jamie Lee Curtis fan ever since I first saw Halloween. I couldn't tell you many films after that which she appeared in (other than A Fish Called Wanda), but I've always been a fan. Jamie Lee Curtis wrote a piece which appeared in The Huffington Post which finally voiced the voice of reason in this whole Roman Polanski-Admitted Child Rapist, ordeal. She begins with the most obvious of all questions, the one that anyone who isn't a Wingnut has been asking all along. "...if you are a parent of a 13 year old boy or girl and the accused perpetrator has acknowledged what in this case, Polanski has, would you not want the full extent of the laws in this country to apply?"

Of course you would! Wouldn't you?! If you didn't, why in the hell do you have a child in the first place if you care so little about them to want to see justice prevail all the way through?! Ms. Curtis added, "If it was my daughter who had been sodomized I would, and I would be shocked if any of his supporters would say that I was wrong to my face." Indeed.

Can you imagine? Seriously. Picture this: You have a 13-year old daughter who is brutally (and it was brutal) raped in every way, shape and form by a 44-year old man. Got it? Got that lovely vision in your noggin right now? She's 13. He's 44. She keeps saying she wants to go home. He continues to forcibly have sex with her. Need a more clear picture? I don't think you do. (And if you do, just do everyone a favor, including yourself, and just remove yourself from society, preferably by hanging or electrocution or something. If you don't get it by now, I can't think of one single use for you on this planet.)

For any of the morons who say "Well, the victim has moved on", let me ask you something, what in the world do you expect her to do? Seriously. Would it make it more justifiable in your minds if the victim had spent the past 30 years curled up in a corner, drooling and babbling and completely unable to move on? What did you want her to do? You have to move on. You do. Not only do you have to move on, but when you're the victim, you want to move on. You really would like to go the rest of your life without ever having to think of what has happened to you ever again. That doesn't mean that you don't want your perpetrator brought to justice or made to stand accountable for his actions. That means you want your freaking life back! What is so hard about that to understand?

"Forgive" doesn't mean "forget". "Move on" doesn't mean "forget". "I did it" doesn't mean "forget". Roman Polanski is and has been a scumbag since the day that he raped that girl. Thank you Switzerland for finally growing a metaphorical set of countrywide balls and bringing the sickle of justice down hard on this guy. I hope he spends the rest of whatever life he has left in him inside of a small, small cell. As for anyone out there who continues to preach that this is some sort of an injustice, please do us all a favor and depart the planet as soon as possible.

I think Chris Rock put it best when he was talking to Jay Leno and said, "Even Johnnie Cochran didn't have the nerve to say 'Well, yeah, but did you see OJ run against Cleveland?' " Well said, Mr. Rock. Well said.

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Well said! Crazy freak'in hollywood freaks! (Jamie Lee Curtis excluded!)

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