Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That Guy Is Crazy

OK, so the guy who shot up all of those people at the theater in Aurora, CO has been in court the past couple of days while evidence is presented so that the judge can decide if there's just cause for this thing to go to trial.  I, unlike every other news source out there, will not be naming the nutjob who did this for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that I don't want his name out there anymore than it already is.  Does he need any more notoriety?  I don't think that he does.  Yet I keep seeing his name.  Funny how I see none of the names of the victims.  Good job, media.  Are you going to continue to cover this case in a ridiculous fashion?  Of course you are.  Allow me to point out the errors of your ways. 

I'll start with ABC News.  This is actually what their report on the story says:  "(Name redacted by me because I'm the only one with enough sense to do so), 25, displayed the bizarre behavior once he was in custody and taken to Aurora police headquarters after the shooting that left 12 people dead and dozens injured, the lead investigator in the case testified today."  Once is was in custody he displayed "the bizarre behavior"?!  In custody?!  I don't know about you, but I kind of think that dressing up in battle gear and blowing away a bunch of people and injuring scores of others at a screening of a Batman movie in a theater is displaying pretty bizarre behavior.  ABC News feels the need to differentiate bizarre behavior at police headquarters with the behaviors that got him to police headquarters in the first place??  It all seems pretty bizarre to me. 

Then there's NBC News. Their report includes inane details such as "(Name again redacted by me because I'm still the only one with enough sense to do so) bought his ticket, through Fandango, 12 days before the opening of the Batman flick “The Dark Knight Rises,” police testified, though it emerged that he was supposed to see it in Theater No. 8, not No. 9 where the ambush took place"  What does this have to do with anything?  Am I supposed to be suspicious of anyone who uses Fandango?  And am I now supposed to be concerned that not only is he a murderous lunatic, but he also is incapable of following directions because he went into Theater Number 9 instead of Theater Number 8?  Would it have been any less tragic if he had gone into the correct theater that appeared on his ticket that was purchased from Fandango?  Who gives a crap?! 

But here's my favorite part that I've read a variation of in every story that I've read about this subject.  In regard to the suspect's demeanor at this hearing.  The articles keep saying the he shows no emotion when the details about what happened are testified about.  They keep reporting that he just stares straight ahead and refuses to acknowledge any of the victims or their families that are in the courtroom.  Really?!  You don't say?!  So, a psychopathic murderer isn't showing any empathy for what he's done?  You're kidding?!  Of course he isn't!  And what if he was?  What if he turned around and said to one of the parents of someone that he killed, "Hey, sorry about your kid, man.  You know, I, uh, I'm kinda crazy."  Then what?  Would that make it better?  No, of course not.

But the point here is that once again, the media and the public seem to be reluctant to deem someone to be crazy.  And this guy isn't just regular crazy.  This guy is freaking nuts.  He might be a whole new kind of crazy.  All I know is that there is way too much focus on what he did before he killed everyone and not enough acceptance of his obvious mental illness.  Shouldn't the media be taking a closer look at what it takes for someone to be deemed not fit to stand trial and spending less time wondering why he doesn't show any emotion in court?  Of course they should.  But again, I think that people are too afraid of the intangibility of mental illness to appropriately address it at this time.  Maybe some day.  Maybe some day we'll be OK with just crazy being a reason for horrible things that happen.  Maybe. 

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