Saturday, January 5, 2013

Resolutions That Lower The Bar

I had to go to Walmart today.  I am not a fan of the Walmart.  I prefer the Target.  Target is just cleaner and more English speaking-er.  And it's easier to find things.  It's just nicer.  I'm good with paying the extra ten cents per item or whatever the price difference is if I can talk to people that speak the same language as me and if I don't have to see dirty diapers in the parking lot.  Small price to pay if you're asking me. 

And today, I was greeted by this lovely bin of low priced merchandise with a message to the usual Walmart patrons.  Behold! 

Um, OK.  Sooooo...what exactly does Walmart think that its shoppers are resolving to do this year?  Be clean?!  That's a resolution for those folks?  Oh, yeah, I guess it is.  Not that they couldn't use a little cleaning up or anything.  A lot of them absolutely could!  But really, Walmart?  That's a pretty low standard you're setting there.  It's also a rather high expectation by posting the oral care products over there.  How many teeth do you think these people actually have?  Have you not wandered around your own store?  There aren't a whole lot of folks with full sets of chiclets wandering around.  I'm just sayin'.  Way to lower the bar, Walmart.  Just when I thought that you alone were the bottom of the barrel, you found a way to dig just a little deeper.  Congratulations.  Oh, and happy new year, I guess. 


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