Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Problem Solved!

Briefly, here's what happened:  A bunch of paparazzi were following a car that they thought was Justin Bieber's.  OK, it was his car, but he wasn't driving it.  Only the paparazzi didn't know that.  Anyway, the car gets pulled over for something and the paparazzi guy, a chap by the name of Chris Guerra, pulls over also and gets out of his car in order to take better pictures of the Biebermobile.  (I guess because that's what pays money these days?  A picture of a car that might have a celebrity behind the wheel?  And we're supposed to be the world's superpower?  OK, then.)  Turns out that wasn't such a good idea because some other car on the freeway wasn't expecting a pedestrian with a camera who wasn't paying any attention to anything other than Justin Bieber's car without Justin Bieber in it and he got squarshed and killed. 

I realize that some of you might see this as tragic.  I'm not so sure that 'tragic' is exactly the word that I would use.  Paparazzi are ruthless, soulless individuals who make other people's life a nightmare with their intrusiveness.  I realize that being a celebrity is going to involve some loss of privacy.  (For the amount of money that celebrities are raking in, you wouldn't think that it would sting too much.)  You don't like being always recognized by people, get out of the spotlight.  No one is forcing you to be there.  However, I think that there need to be some limits.  NOT legally imposed limits.  Morally guided limits.  Limits followed by the sane.  Things like that.  You know, don't do things that could possibly get you killed.  Don't endanger the life of the person that you think that you're speeding after on the freeway.  Basic, basic limits.  But I digress. 

The thing is that Justin Bieber has released a statement on this incident which reads, in part, "Hopefully this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders, and the photographers themselves."  Huh.  See, I don't look at it as something needing legislation.  I look at it as Darwin thinning the herd.  Really, it's one less paparazzi (Paparazzo?  Whatever.)  for him to worry about.  And is it really a tragedy?  Are things that are stupid tragic?  Maybe the stupidity in and of itself is tragic, but I don't always feel the tragedy vibe when it's for something completely ridiculous and pointless. 

And while I'm being perplexed over his statement, what's with the hodgepodge of potential victims that he threw together there?  Celebrities, I get that part.  Police officers?  Were they endangered?  Innocent public bystanders?  As opposed to innocent private bystanders?  I'm not even really sure what that is supposed to mean.  And photographers themselves?  HE was the one doing all of the stupid things!  Don't we already have an unwritten law that says "Don't step out into traffic on the freeway or else you're going to find yourself underneath the bumper of a Beamer"?  You can't legislate common sense. 

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