Friday, January 4, 2013

Dogs Don't Need Shoes

You know what's cute?  Dogs with shoes.  You know what's funny?  Dogs trying to walk in shoes.  While I tend to agree with Monica from Friends (whose biggest pet peeve is "animals dressed like humans") and am not overly fond of beclothed or shod animals (that don't need shodding), I do enjoy videos of dogs that have been made to wear little shoes for some reason.  (I am totally assuming they didn't put them on themselves.)  It seems fairly obvious that they do not like the shoes, but at the same time, they don't appear that they are being harmed by said shoes, nor do they seem overly traumatized.  I think they're mostly wondering why the hell they're wearing shoes since they're a dog.  The point here is that it's cute to watch them try and walk.  Watch the video below and tell me you don't agree.  You're dead inside if you don't find it at least a little adorable. 

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