Sunday, December 9, 2012

Worst New Logo Ever

There's another major logo change out there.  I know I've shown you several others that just weren't up to par, but this one, seriously, might be the worst.  Did I say that about the others?  I did?  OK, so I can be a bit of an alarmist about some things.  But I mean it this time!  This is absolutely abhorrent.  The University of California has decided to change their logo after 144 years.  Now, I understand the need to keep up with the times or whatever crap you want to call that sort of thing, but there are some things that should be able to withstand the test of time.  I kind of think that the logo for a major university system should be one of those things.  (You don't see Harvard over there messing with their logo do you?)  But the geniuses at the University of California didn't see it that way.  They decided to make a change.  Ready?  (Trust me, you're not.)  OK, so they went from this: 

 To this: 
No, I am not joking.  What the actual eff is that?  How on earth could people at the university level have thought that this piece of S was a good idea?  It looks like the aerial view of a swirling toilet.  It is easily the worst university logo that I have ever seen.  How do you go from something all classy and depicting education to something that looks like it was done in Microsoft Paint by a cat?  Actually, given the way that the UC system is run these days, I shouldn't be surprised.  But yet, I am.  I actually am.  Maybe I'm more disappointed than surprised.  All I know is that I hope that this can be reversed.  Remember when everyone flipping their s**t when The Gap changed their logo to something crappy and they had to change it back, lest the mob wielding torches and pitchforks descended upon their khaki headquarters?  Maybe that will happen in this case.  It's my experience that UC students are pretty good at whining about things.  Maybe there's hope.  And God, I hope so. 


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