Saturday, December 22, 2012

Technology And The Old

I live surrounded by old people.  And not old like 60 or that.  That's not old.  I'm talking folks in their eighties.  They don't look it, but sometimes, when it comes to technology, they kind of act it.  And really, can you blame 'em?  Eighty years ago was 1932.  Hitler was still a good guy!  Zeppelins were fairly commonplace!  You think that the people who experienced those sorts of things are going to be comfortable with technology?  I doubt it.  I'm fairly convinced that at least half of the people over eighty think that it's some sort of witchcraft or magic.  The point here is that while I'd like the oldsters to become more comfortable with technology and I like giving the gift of technology, it always somehow ends up like the guy below. If the video doesn't load below, please click here.

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