Friday, December 21, 2012

2012 Viral Video Compilation

Still needing a break from all of the Newtown talk.  (That and I'm freaking exhausted.  All of this Christmas shopping and decorating stuff is tiring.  It doesn't help when the person who you've drawn in your family gift exchange wants the most boring present on the face of the planet.  I had to go shop for a Brita water filter pitcher today.  Not that I have anything against filtered water because I don't.  But I like buying stuff for other people that is fun.  A water filter pitcher is not fun.  Not even kind of.  However, if you need to pick one up, hit up the Costco.  I got a red one for a totally reasonable price.  And free cheese samples at the same time.) How about a compilation video of the top 50 viral videos of 2012?  Yeah, that'll work.  And don't worry, there's only one "Call Me Maybe" parody in the whole lot, thank God. 

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