Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2012 Teddy Bear Toss

Ever want to see 25,000 teddy bears get thrown onto an ice hockey rink as soon as the home team scores?  Well, now you can!  Apparently, the Calgary Hitmen (a Junior hockey team in Canada with a completely awesome name) and other Canadian hockey teams have a Teddy Bear Toss game every December.  The premise is simple.  The point is to collect thousands of teddy bears which will be later distributed to kids who need them.  Possible scenarios of a kid needing a teddy bear would be like maybe if the kid is in the hospital and needs a bear to be with him or if the kid has been in some sort of emergency situation and needs something of comfort at that time.  Anyway, if you show up to this particular game in December, you bring a bear.  When the home team scores, everyone throws their bears onto the ice.  It sounds kinda violent in a way, especially if you're the bear, but it's pretty cool.  Chaotic, but cool.  Enjoy! 

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