Thursday, December 20, 2012

Say What?

I need a break from all of this Newtown talk.  Just a short one.  I'll jump back into it tomorrow.  For now, something completely irrelevant to anything at all.  

The Miss Universe pageant was the other night.  Who cares, right?  (And guess what?  The winner was from Earth!  Not too shabby to beat out all of the other contestants from the rest of the universe, right?  Hey, wait a minute...)  Yeah, no one cares about this thing except for Donald Trump and that's only because he owns this antiquated contest.  Who are you people who are tuning in to watch this sort of thing?  Women in swimsuits doing tricks like trained seals?  I don't get why that's appealing.  Maybe that's not the appealing part, though.  There's that question and answer part that's usually pretty entertaining.  That's not because of the intelligence of the answers that are given by the contestants, but more so because of the vapidness of those answers.  (The questions don't even matter.  They're shallow, subjective and completely hypothetical.)  Or, in the case this year of Miss Venezuela, the absolute incomprehensibility of what she said in response to a question about what sort of a new law would she make if she could. Check out her answer below.  She gives Miss Teen South Carolina a run for her money.

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