Sunday, December 16, 2012

Minor Grievances

I'm still sad, but I can do this.  I think I'm going to start slowly and ramp up.  Here we go. 

God forbid that you have a small child that ever has to experience something like what went on at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday.  But if they do, could you please not let them be interviewed by the media?  I'm going to assume that the parents that were in that situation on Friday were not quite in their right minds when they decided to stand idly by and let their child have a microphone shoved in their face and give a statement on the horrific scene that just unfolded.  I just don't see how any good is going to come from that and it seems highly inappropriate to me.  But like I just said, I can understand if the parents weren't exactly thinking very clearly at that moment. 

But reporters on the other hand?  You people were likely thinking clearly when you shoved your microphone in a child's face and started asking them questions in your little kid voice.  What in the world is wrong with you?  I get that you're a reporter and all, but interviewing children after there has just been a massacre of other children?  You have a problem.  And I'm not sure if you're an abhorrent human being or just a dumbass.  I'm going to lean toward dumbass.  Below is a Twitter "conversation" between a guy whose good friend has a daughter in kindergarten at Sandy Hook and a reporter from ABC who decided to tweet to him after reading his tweet.  The guy's response is the proper one in a situation such as this one. (Warning:  Not the most polite it probably should be.)
And as long as I'm on my favorite topic, that of the media, can I just make one plea?  And it is a freaking plea.  Can we please stop saying the name of the guy who did this over and over?  I am so sick and tired of seeing his name in print and I am so sick and tired of hearing his name uttered by reporters.  I don't want to ever hear his name again.  I don't want him to have that infamous "celebrity" attached to him.  I want him to be forgotten.  His acts never will, but he can be.  Remember when Columbine went down and it was extremely rare if you ever heard the names of those two losers uttered in reports?  Wasn't that because we weren't supposed to be "glorifying" their actions?  Wasn't it to not give them the satisfaction of being household names like they imagined that they would be?  I'm sick of hearing this guy's name and I'd like it to stop.  I'm perfectly OK with him being referred to as "the shooter" or "the twisted a-hole".  Just stop, stop, STOP saying his name.  

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