Friday, December 7, 2012

Mr. Burns Drives Us Off The Fiscal Cliff

In case you were wondering about this fiscal cliff that the country is about to fall off of and wanted to know more about it, I'm here to help!  First of all, Democrats want to raise taxes on "the rich".  No one mentions that it's a move that will only generate about $82 billion a year and the national debt is about $16 trillion.  $82 billion a year isn't going to help anything.  But the Democrats think that's the main point.  (Side note:  Why is the term "the rich" used?  Is it because it is supposed to invoke some sort of anger or jealousy?  Why can't we substitute "the successful" for "the rich"?  After all, didn't most people who are rich get there by being successful?  They had to succeed at something.  Oh, I'm just kidding with you!  I know that it will never change.  Why present something in a reasonable fashion when you can instead present it in a manner that will bring out vitriol without people even realizing that it's silly to get mad at someone for succeeding?  Yeah.  That was part of my point as well.  Moving on!)  And the Republicans, well, they want to cut things.  I find it difficult to believe that with $16 trillion in spending that we can't shave a trillion here and there.  Seriously.  Trillion.  With a T.  And nobody wants to cut anything?  Nothing?  We're so freaking doomed.  But even if my simplistic way of explaining all of this to you is too simple to make any sense, allow me to give you Montgomery Burns to really make things clear for you.  He's a rich miser who may or may not be a latent homosexual.  Who better to give it to you straight (so to speak)? 

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