Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Brown Returns

You remember Sweet Brown, right?  She's the amusing lady whose apartment building caught on fire and she "ran for her life" but not before getting bronchitis and later proclaiming "Ain't nobody got time for dat!"  Well, she's back and she's cashing in on her Internet fame.  That's right.  She's made a commercial for something called 18002SellHomes.  Yes, I realize that the number 2SellHomes has about three letters/numbers too many for a standard number.  I never really understood that.  I mean, if they don't care how many letters are in their number, why not just make it a complete sentence or something more catchy?  They could have gone with ToSellHomes instead of using the 2 and pretending like they're the Artist Formerly Known As Prince But Then Known As Something Else Before He Was Known As Prince Again.  But I digress.  I also I didn't write the ad.  I'm just passing it along to you.  Good for Miss Sweet Brown for getting a little something out of this.  I, myself, found her to be more entertaining than ol' Antoine Dodson.  But I must have been in the vast minority, because she didn't quite take off like Antoine did.  But she's helping someone sell homes, so there's that.  Behold! 

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