Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Can't Regulate Crazy

Once again, we have a crazy person who decided (for whatever reason) to shoot a bunch of people in a public setting.  This time it was James Holmes and he decided the best way to be his sort of crazy would be to shoot anyone and everyone that he could inside a packed theater during the midnight premiere of the last Batman movie.  And as always seems to happen with these sorts of things, I keep hearing people ask about his "motive". 

I've said it hundreds of times before and multiple times on this blog.  There are a whole lot of different kinds of crazy.  James Holmes is just one kind of crazy.  Motive?  I don't know that he could tell you his motive.  You know why?  Because he's crazy.  Crazy people don't have motives.  You know why?  Because they're crazy, that is correct.  And is it going to help anything to know what his motive was if he did have one?  I can't imagine that it would.  ("Oh, he wanted to impress Jodie Foster?  Oh, OK then.  I get it."  No, that wouldn't happen like that.  In fact, it might make it worse.)

I'm so sorry that this happened.  Thinking of all of the people who lost people that they knew and loved to something that is never going to make any sense makes me want to cry.  And if I thought that there was some way to prevent things like this from ever happening again, I'd be all for anything that would do just that.  But you can't regulate or control crazy.  And it's not going to do any good to try.  So how about if we just let ourselves be sad?  It'll be OK.  It'll feel like hell, but it's supposed to.

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