Saturday, July 14, 2012

He's Kind Of Old, Isn't He?

Both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have quit American Idol.  Naturally, they're going to have to be replaced.  We can't have just Randy sitting there all by himself saying, "Yo, dawg" without anyone to back him up or disagree with him.  And we're going to need someone who really has their finger on the pulse of what America wants in terms of their next pop singing star.  We're going to want someone who can relate to the American Idol audience and be someone that we look forward to seeing every week.  We're going to want...Jerry Lewis? 

That's right.  For some reason, according to USA Today, "...Jerry Lewis, who was mentioned on Nigel Lythgoe's wish list with Charlie Sheen, is definitely in the mix." In the mix?! In the mix of what?! Poligrip and Metamucil?!  Don't even get me started on what I think about that crazed loser Charlie Sheen.  Why on earth anyone would think that we want his weekly opinion on anything other than blow and hookers (which I will readily admit that he is more than qualified to judge and should probably be listened to) is beyond me.  But Jerry Lewis?  When was the last time he sang with Dean Martin (who died 17 years ago at the age of 78)?  More importantly, who cares?!  Actually, I take that back.  Who remembers?!  I'll tell you who remembers.  Everyone who is NOT watching American Idol, that's who. 

Jerry Lewis?  You have got to be kidding me.  In a way though, this is kind of typical of how American Idol does things.  Ever pay close attention to the guests that they have on the very last show?  Almost no one is currently relevant.  Actually, almost no one is even recently relevant.  Sure, they have feel good people on there like Neil Diamond, but is he really going to hit the mark with the majority of American Idol's target audience?  Hardly.  Then they always trot out some ridiculously old rocker who doesn't know he's ridiculously old (eg, Iggy Pop and Rod Stewart, both of whom performed sans shirts for reasons that are still being questioned by everyone who had to witness that atrocity of nature, not to mention the optometrists who had to treat said viewers).  There's the defunct pop-star (Chaka Khan is still alive?), the one-hit wonders (Herman's Hermits, anyone?) the recent American Idol contestants who may or may not have won (we can't remember) that come back to try and plug their album that will end up selling 25,000 copies (mostly to churches holding raffles).  All of those "acts" the American Idol people feel are a good idea and add something to the show.  They don't.  They never had.  And now, with the possible inclusion of Jerry Lewis, we're going to have that same sort of irrelevance and confusion all season long.  Grand! 

I had a hard enough time following this last season of American Idol without my interest waning about two episodes into the real deal.  I cannot take five months of Jerry Lewis and/or Charlie Sheen.  And what if Jerry dies halfway through the season?!  That's kind of going to put a damper on things, isn't it?  Will the contestants have to sing funeral songs the following week?  It's just a bad idea all the way around.  If they don't want to do American Idol anymore, just say so.  No need to run it into the ground before you go. 

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Liza said...

Simon, Paula, Randy, Jennifer, Steven,.............. wow! Lets replace them with Dolly, Gene Simmons,Richard Simmons, and Billy Ray Cyrus! Don't see this show sticking around to much longer...................