Monday, July 23, 2012

Step One: Remove Statue

So they took down the statue of Joe Paterno over there at Penn State yesterday.  Seems like a good move to me.  It's hard to justify having a statue of a guy who chose football over the safety of young boys.  And he was so worried about how it would "look" if they let people know that they had an active pedophile doing horrific things on their campus.  Seems to me that if he was so worried about how things look, it's the right thing to do to take the statue down.  After all, how would it look if they just left it up there?  What would people think?  Yeah. 

But as I'm reading this article over yonder at the Huffington Post and I am just astounded at some of the quotes that they have from people on that campus. Seriously, are they not aware what went down?! Are they not aware that Joe Paterno KNEW what Sandusky was doing and that he did nothing about in?! And by the way, what he "was doing" was raping little boys in the shower. Just so we're clear. Let's take a look at some of these softheads and where their priorities stand.
First we have the Paterno family who are still fighting the futile fight to try and have Joe Paterno's legacy be something other than the guy who shielded a child molester.  They said that  the statue's removal "...does not serve the victims of Jerry Sandusky's horrible crimes or help heal the Penn State community."  I'm going to disagree.  I think that it does serve the victim's of Sandusky in the way that finally, finally someone is doing something, anything to show that football doesn't come first.  That's what all of this was about to those guys at Penn State.  Football was first.  Boys being raped was second.  Taking down the statue shows that you just can't look the other way and expect to be thought of the same way and that things will always be the same.  Nope.  It changes everything.  And one of the things that gets to change is that the person who could have stopped it does not get to be immortalized with a statue as if he was a great guy.  Statues aren't for people who aren't great.  There aren't any Jeffrey Dahmer statues out there to my knowledge.  There's a reason for that.  And there's a reason that there isn't a Joe Paterno statue anymore either. 

Next we have a one Mary Trometter who sported a shirt with Paterno's picture on it.  She said, "I think it was an act of cowardice on the part of the university." What?!  Uh, lady, what was an act of cowardice was Joe Paterno not going straight to the police fourteen years ago when he knew what Sandusky was doing!  You want a statue of a guy who does nothing when young boys are being raped because his football program is more important to him?!  She also said that she "...felt betrayed by university officials, saying they promised openness but said nothing about the decision until just before the removal work began."  YOU felt betrayed?!  How do you think those boys felt when Joe Paterno did nothing?!  YOU feel betrayed?! Good Lord. 

Then there's 31-year old university construction project coordinator Derek Leonard.   "He didn't completely agree with the decision but worried more that the NCAA would shut down the football program.  "It's going to kill our town," he said."  Again, just worried about the football program!  Nothing about the boys that were molested and raped.  Just only concerned about what it means for football.  Why is there not more anger about how these guys did nothing to protect little boys?!  I'm so confused. 

Then there's 67-year old Richard Hill. His feelings on the matter are: "If you punish the football program or Joe Paterno – they're tied together – this town is going to suffer. The revenue does an awful lot to keep this town viable and lively."  First of all, Joe Paterno is dead, so it's going to be a little difficult to punish him directly.  But again, this is someone who just wants everyone to do NOTHING!  God forbid if anyone pay any consequences over their inactions because it might hurt the football program.  Sorry!  I guess Joe Paterno should have thought of that before he decided to just keep on letting Sandusky bring little kids into the shower so that he could have his way with them.  Jesus, what is wrong with these people? 

We also have 40-year old Colby Walk.  This guy  "...wondered why an NCAA punishment was necessary, given the criminal charges, officials fired or forced out, Paterno's death and now the statue's removal."It's kind like we already have the death penalty," he said, referring to the worry that the NCAA would shut down the Penn State football program."  WHAT?!  You wonder why a punishment is necessary?!  The people who were in charge of the football program allowed a known pedophile to use their campus for his sick and twisted deeds for YEARS!!  You don't think that warrants some sort of a punishment?!  You think that it should just be "Go Nittany Lions!"?!  What is wrong with you, sir?  I'm sure that if it was your 10-year old son who was raped in the shower that you'd feel the same way?  Uh-huh. 

And finally, we have the guy who made the statue,  Angelo Di Maria.  He said that he was "upset" that his statue was being taken down?  Really? Upset?  Because he wanted his rendition of a guy who protects pedophiles to stand forever?  He said, "His legacy should not be completely obliterated and thrown out. ... He was a good man. It wasn't that he was an evil person. He made a mistake."  A good man?  A good man doesn't turn the other way and not do anything about child molestation.  A good man doesn't choose his football program over the safety of little kids.  And a mistake?  It wasn't a mistake.  According to the emails, it was a calculated move to not say anything to protect his football program.  That's not a mistake.  That is a decision that is a direct reflection of someone's character.  A mistake?  Holy crap. 

So, it would appear that all of those involved with Penn State are just complete softheads who only care about their beloved football program.  Nothing else matters, including the sodomization of small children.  I honestly don't know what to say about these attitudes other than it scares the holy crap out of me.  Wow.  Just wow.  What a bunch of self-serving idiots.  I'm going to end this thing by paraphrasing a Tweet from Rob DenBlyker of the Cyanide and Happiness comic.  I guess that these people who are so upset about the statue being removed would prefer that everyone just take the "Joe Paterno" approach to everything that went on and just look the other way?

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Scott Jacobs said...

"...does not serve the victims of Jerry Sandusky's horrible crimes..."

So it is on par with what ol' Joe "did" to help the victims of Sandusky...

I think they should have found a way to purge the asshole's name from the record books entirely.

Joe Doe said...

It's not as simple as you make it out. Joe is the face of many many people who told somebody, but not the police. The media villified him to the point where I had people tell me they thought he was the pedophile. Seems the degree of his shame in the public's eye was close to Sandusky's. I appreciate the fact that Joe and the Football program's desire to keep it quiet to protect their "rep" is wrong. I accept the desire for punishment I just don't accept that Joe Paterno is a monster, he didn't bury this information in a vault, he told who he thought he was supposed tell, not good enough I agree, but not a pedophile harbouring football only matters monster either. Simply a man torn between a dream life he had there, and bringing a lot of negative light to a place that he felt he owed so much too. Over simplification undermines intelligence