Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hypocritical Anti-Chicken-ites

I can't stand anymore of this nonsense over what the founder of Chick Fil A had to say about marriage.  That's right.  What he said about marriage.  He didn't come out and blast the gays for being gay.  He didn't come out and say how he hated all gay people.  No, what he said was that he is in favor of traditional marriage.  Does that surprise anyone, really?  We have known for a long time that he runs his business based on traditional Christian values.  The place is closed on Sunday, for cryin' out loud!  You show me another national chain that closes on Sunday.  Not closes early.  Closes.  There aren't any that I'm immediately aware of.  The In-N-Out people have bible verse numbers on the bottom of their cups.  But you know what the difference is between the Chick Fil A guy and the In-N-Out guy?  The In-N-Out guy has kept his mouth shut about what he thinks.

Here's the thing that I want to point out to most of the mainstream media who inexplicably have left this aspect out of the one-sided "discussion" of this topic.  The majority of states in this country have put the issue of gay marriage to a vote of the people and the majority of states in this country have voted against the issue.  And we're not talking just about the Bible Belt and the bass-ackwards parts of the South (no offense to you Southerners who are ass forward), either.  California, a state which could not be any bluer if it held it's breath, voted against gay marriage!  And then this chicken guy says he favors traditional marriage in the same manner that the majority of the country voted and he's suddenly being crucified and threatened with being run out of town. 

Allow me to point out something else that the regular media refuses to point out.  Mr. Cathy (he's the chicken guy) hold the exact same viewpoint that a one President Barry himself held until just a few weeks ago!  Why was no one all over President Barry's ass (except for Michelle, because she's allowed to be on whatever part of him that she wants) about it?  It's OK for the President to prefer opposite marriage (thank you, Miss California), but it's not OK for a guy who just wants to sell yummy, yummy chicken?! 

Along those same lines, The Muppets have formally announced that due to the gay marriage stance that the founder of Chick Fil A holds, they will no longer be doing business with them.  Wait a minute.  I know I've seen Muppets at the White House!  So when President Barry was against same sex marriage, how come the Muppets didn't boycott him?!  And why are we acting like The Muppets have a mind of their own when they're really just super cute and fuzzy little puppets with someone's hand up their bottom?!  (I'm clearly partly guilty of this, but at least I'll admit it!) 
I don't understand all of the outrage and all of the subsequent boycott threats, not just from people, but from mayors of cities who do not want a Chick-Fil-A establishment in their town.  I guess people can't have differing opinions anymore?  And they're SO freaking hypocritical about it!  Ed Lee, mayor of the uber lefty San Francisco, has said that Chick Fil A is not welcome in his town.  Wait a minute, Ed.  When President Barry was against gay marriage, did you tell him that he wasn't welcome in your city?  Or did you welcome him there with open arms for him to do all of his ridiculously lavish fundraising?  I'm guessing it was the latter (because it was).  And Rahm Emmanuel, you're unbelievable.  You campaigned for President Barry when he was just Senator Barry.  You were his freaking Chief of Staff!  And you did all of those things while he was against gay marriage?!  So why, WHY is it OK for you to be against the chicken guy!? 

And let's also not forget that the day after that hypocrite Rahm Emanuel came out anti Chick Fil A, he was standing there practically arm in arm (not unlike gay marriage itself) with that anti-Semite and foe of gay marriage, Louis Farrakhan!  Now, Louis Farrakhan does hate people.  He hates certain people with a passion.  That whole Nation of Islam dealio isn't exactly the most level-headed group on the planet.  The Chik Fil A guy doesn't hate gay people.  He's just in favor of traditional marriage.  Louis Farrakhan hates gay people.  AND he's against gay marriage!  But having Louis Farrakhan in your city is just fine and dandy with Rahm, but a guy who just wants to sell chicken is not fine?  What the what? 

Why does it seem like I'm the only one who is aware of this?!  Why isn't the regular media saying anything about this?  (And by "doing anything", I mean reporting.)  Isn't that their job?  It's not my "job".  I'm not regular media.  I'm...well...I'm this.  And this certainly isn't regular by any means.  But by God, at least it's accurate!  We're so freaking doomed.  Doomed! 

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Anonymous said...

Hobby Lobby is openly Christian and has always been closed on Sundays also.

The Guys Code said...

your major point seems to be that the "majority" of people vote against same sex marriage. lest ye not forget, at one point the majority of people were against interracial marriage. at one point, the majority of people were against the abolition of slavery. those ideas were both struck down because they are blatantly unconstitutional. "equal protection of the laws" means exactly that. it does not mean "equal protection unless you happen to be gay." some day very soon, the Supreme Court will hear a case and will rule that, just like banning interracial marriage, banning same sex marriage is discriminatory and unconstitutional. and on that day, every forward-thinking American will rejoice that our society is finally at long last dragging its ass out of the dark ages and moving forward to the ideal that our founding fathers put into words so long ago: "all men are created equal."

Real men treat everyone equally, respect everyone equally, and respect everyone's rights equally. Real men do not discriminate for any reason. Real men support equal rights for everyone regardless of race, creed, color, gender, ethnic background, and sexual orientation. And most germane to this topic, real men keep their personal feelings to themselves and do not let them color their business decisions; and if they do, they are man enough to accept the consequences thereof, whatever those consequences may be.

Mare said...

Hey, Anonymous.

I did not know that Hobby Lobby closes on Sunday. That's good to know. Thank you!

And thanks for reading!

~ Mare

Mare said...

Hey, The Guys Code.

I totally agree with everything that you've said. My point was mostly centered around the majority of people voting against same sex marriage. (I don't know why you put majority in quotes there. At least 30 out of 50 states IS a majority.) Thus, I find that picking on one business for a stance that is shared by so many is ridiculous.

And for the record, I'm as gay as a sunny day. And I do hope that one day the majority of people will be able to lighten up and realize that this isn't a big deal and that it's OK. But in the meantime, I'm not going to be hateful towards those who are slower than others at evolving their thought process.

Thanks for your coherent comment. I really appreciate it when there can be intelligent discussion here. And thanks for reading!

~ Mare

Juliana said...

Well said, Mare!