Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nice Hat

I saw this story over at ABC News, but it was linked within a different story that had absolutely nothing to do with it and it won't let me link directly to it.  Just take my word for what happened, OK?  Besides, the point I'm about to make is rather pedantic anyway.  What's new, right? 

There long and short of it is that an 87-year old woman (who also happens to be a grandmother) was arrested for selling cocaine.  She ended up getting 18 months in prison and it was implied that it was due to her age.  Whatever.  If you're dumb enough to be selling cocaine, I don't care how old you are when you get caught.  The point here is her mugshot. Behold! 

Nice.  What in the world is on her head?!  Is that a nightcap?  Is she a Looney Tunes characters? When was this picture taken?  Is this the late 1800s?  People still wear those?  For reals?  I only remember them being worn in Little House on the Prairie.  This was the best picture that I could find to back up that memory.  Behold! 

Ignoring the fact that Laura has it pulled up as if she might secretly be one of the Coneheads, it's essentially the same.  At least Half Pint wasn't selling drugs.  Maybe if this woman felt the need to emulate those from the 19th century, she could have noticed all of the not dealing of cocaine that they did and gone with that instead of the wacky hat.  Just a thought. 

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