Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Look At This Another Way

I found this little gem via FB.  Apparently, Chris Rock was on Jimmy Fallon on May 7.  I feel the need to mention that I absolutely LOVE Chris Rock.  He is hilarious.  I also feel the need to mention that I LOVE Jimmy Fallon.  He's a brilliant comedic mind.  And is show is great.  That being said, let's begin. 

Here's what Chris Rock said to Jimmy Fallon when Fallon asked him what was up.  He said, What’s going on? I just heard this the other day: The Mormons, Mitt Romney’s crew, they believed black people were the devil ‘til 1978! I’m not making this up! … Seventy-eight! That means Jackson Five? Devil. Temptations? The devil. What changed ‘em, Bootsy Collins?"  And while that's fairly funny, I have a couple of problems with it.  Shocking, I know! 

First of all, it's not like Mitt Romney is the ONLY Mormon in politics. Harry Reid has been the Democratic Senator from Nevada since 1987 and has been Senate Majority Leader since 2007 and he's Mormon. He's one of the most powerful people in politics. I don't hear these same complaints against him, nor do I hear them against the other 15 Mormons that serve in the 112th Congress.  I really can't figure out why it's even an issue at all for Mitt.  Then again, I guess opposing sides have to come up with something.  But don't they know that there are plenty of things that they can use against him.  Going with Mormonism seems a bit trite. 

Second, if you think about how civil rights have progressed in this country, the Mormons actually moved rather quickly in changing their beliefs. Look at it this way: The Civil War, the war to "free the slaves" ended in 1865. It wasn't until nineteen sixty freakin' four that the Civil Rights Act passed! It took almost ONE HUNDRED YEARS after a WAR decided slavery was NOT OK before an entire country comprised of a plethora of different religious beliefs decided to extend equal rights to people who are black/not white. It only took Mormons 14 years after that to change how they did things. It took the entire country a hundred years to get its act together!  If you look at it like that, the Mormons are really kind of ahead of the game. 

I mean, really, are people going to act like the Mormons are the ONLY group in history that have things in their past that they wish had been done differently?  And are people really going to act like the Mormons are the only religious group that has been less than kind to a certain sect of people?  I know that he was trying to be funny.  He's a comedian.  That's what they do.  And it was kind of funny on the surface.  But when you start to dissect it a little bit, it doesn't make a lot of sense.  That's all I'm trying to say.

Now, I'm not black and I'm not going to pretend to know how they feel about this. But didn't they kind of get off easy by just being excluded from a religion?  I'd take that over being enslaved any day, wouldn't you?  Seriously, I'd be all "I'm not going to be able to join your church, but you're not going to make me till your fields, either?  DEAL!  Where do I sign?"   

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