Saturday, June 16, 2012

Who Talks Like This?

It's not like Mitt Romney has never run for President before.  Hell, it's not even like he's never run for office before.  He managed to get himself elected Governor of a small state, but I have no idea how.  Then again, the state was Massachusetts.  There's a lot of uppity folks there.  Maybe they are used to people who talk like Mitt does.  Check out the clip below.  Tell me if you have ever heard anyone use the terminology that Mitt uses when discussing the activities that a 7-foot tall man might be expected to participate in.  Ready, go!  

See what I mean?  Who talks like that?  Figured that he had to be "in sport"?  Singular?  Not plural, as in "sports"?  He seemed pretty astonished at the fact that he had met someone who was seven feet tall.  Maybe that's something that has never happened to him before and he was just overwhelmed by all of the tallness so that made him sound like some sort of robotic, British vaudeville performer. All I know is that I have never heard anyone refer to someone's athletic abilities as being "in sport".  What part of connecting with real people does he not quite understand, I wonder?

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