Monday, June 18, 2012

Revisiting Rodney

So Rodney King died yesterday.  I have to say that he made it longer than I thought that he would have.  The guy has a mess load of problems even before he had the holy snot beat out of him by a bunch of a-hole cops.  If you look at statistics for guys like Rodney (who apparently went by Glen most of the time), they don't usually make it to 47.  And really, he's lucky that he made it past that one night.  But now he's dead and as is the custom, people have spent a lot of time reflecting on the riots that took place and on the beating that he received.  I guess I won't try to be any different.  Here's the video of Rodney King getting the crap beat out of him. You know, he was pretty forgiving after all of this happened. Probably a hell of a lot more forgiving that I could ever be. Maybe we can all learn just a little bit from that. I can certainly think of at least one person who could use a pretty good lesson in forgiveness these days.

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