Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Ughs

The other day, I let you know of the ridiculous Ugg boot ban at Pottstown Middle school in Pennsylvania. The long and the short of this is that despite a ban on cell phones in the classroom, middle school students are still sneaking their phones into class and (apparently) using them during class time. Naturally, the solution to that is to ban Uggs. Wait. What?

Yes. Like I described the other day, they have banned Uggs. They have also gone into great detail as to what will happen if one wears Uggs. (They will get detention after the first offense. I'm not sure what happens with subsequent offenses. Firing squad maybe?) But while people keep talking about this, the one thing that no one talks about is what happens if you bring your cell phone to class! Isn't that the problem?! Why is everyone still talking about these stupid boots when it's the phones that are the problem?!

I'll tell you why. If the couple of people who are interviewed in the clip below (courtesy of the fine folks
over yonder at Newsy) are any indication of the typical parent in that area or at that school, then that is why. Paste eating, mouth breathing morons is how they come across. And again, NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THE PHONES! The one guy says "Kids can't learn if their cell phones keep going off during the day." Right. So you're going them from wearing BOOTS?! And the other person interviewed in this clip says, "They wear school uniforms. They should just go as far as just" What does that even mean!? Is this a joke? Why is no one talking to administrators who made this idiotic decision?! Seriously. You got me. I give! Please tell me that everyone is kidding? What's that? They're not? OK, then. Good Lord. We're so doomed.

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