Saturday, February 4, 2012

Donald Trump Returns

Donald Trump has announced that he is endorsing Mitt Romney in Mitt's quest to become the Republican nominee to run for President. Donald Trump makes my ass tired. Why are we (a societal we) putting up with this? He's a game show host! He hosts a game show on the television, for crying out loud! Why would we give a fat rat's ass about who he endorses for a Presidential nominee? Do I care which candidate Pat Sajak and Vanna White support? Good Lord, no. Why would I care?! Are there really people sitting at home thinking to themselves "I'm not sure who I should vote for in the next election. I wonder what that little gal who turns all them letters thinks?" I certainly hope not.

After the way that Trump has conducted himself recently (most notably, all of the crap about President Barry and his birth certificate), why on earth would anyone subject themselves to his endorsement? I could see maybe just accepting his endorsement. Because really, what else are you going to do? Tell anyone no? That doesn't seem like a very good strategy if they're not an inherently evil endorsee. I mean, when you're looking for the most votes for something, the more people on your side the better. But why you would embrace Donald Trump is a completely different story.

Look at this spectacle that they set up at one of his hoity-toity hotels in Nevada. That's a pretty Presidential looking backdrop that he's got there. And what's on the podium? Oh, that's just a gold plate with Trump's name on it. Geez. Delusions of grandeur much? Behold! Looking at that picture makes my ass tired. I just don't get any of this. ABC even cites a poll that says that around 20 percent of respondents in a Pew poll "...said they would actually be less likely to support a Trump-backed candidate." And back in September, a Fox poll showed that "...a full one-third of respondents...would be less likely to vote for the candidate Trump endorses." Why would you risk alienating at least a fifth of your potential voter base?

Granted, I'd like to know what those numbers were before Trump decided to be the birther with the worst hairpiece ever, because that sort of asshattery could sway anyone away from whatever it is that he was smoking. I just don't know why we act like someone's endorsement means anything at all, let alone that of a game show host. I don't think that Mitt would win the election anyway, but this is really no way to go about trying to win. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and find out what Bob Barker thinks about the war in Afghanistan.

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