Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seems Like A Double Standard

Remember the whole Chris Brown beatin' down Rihanna ordeal a few years ago right before the Grammys? If you don't, it's pretty much like I just said there. Chris Brown beat the hell out of Rihanna and was subsequently arrested and given some sort of petty sentence that I don't believe included jail time. And as you would imagine, what happened was that people were pretty anti anything that had to do with Chris Brown. I'm good with that. You can't expect things to stay the same after you beat a woman. And if you're a public figure, expect the public to figure in to how this whole thing is looked upon. (Here's a hint: It isn't favorable.)

After that happened, Chris Brown anything was taboo. Stores wouldn't carry his album. He was no longer a spokesperson for milk (because while milk may do a body good, a beating most certainly does not do a body good). People didn't buy his album at the stores that did carry it. Radio stations wouldn't play his songs. And rumor had it that the reason the Jay-Z and Beyonce didn't perform at the BET awards right after this happened was because Chris Brown would be there and they didn't want anything to do with someone who beats women. Good for them. All of these people were all up in arms over him because he beat up a woman. Perfectly logical and I'm glad they did it. But wait! There's more!

It would seem that Rihanna and Chris Brown have recently rekindled their love and are once again a lovely couple. Quoting from various sources on the Innerwebs "...a source close to Rihanna said Tuesday, “They are definitely back together, and very happy about it.” Also from the Innerwebs, "Rihanna has told her best friends that she simply needs Brown back in her life. Without him, despite her mega-success, she has told pals she feels emotionally “empty.” Oh. Well, that would explain a lot. OK, so now I have a question.

If everyone is going to be all upset about what Chris Brown did and if
they are going to show that displeasure by not buying his albums, not playing his music, not performing with him, and everything else that goes into not supporting someone's craft, are they now going to do the same thing with Rihanna? It does not send a good message for the person who got beat up to go back to the man who beat her. And if we're all going to be so anti guys beating up women, are we going to be equally against the women who go back to the guys who beat them up?

I think that for any of it to mean anything (whatever that means) that we have to react similarly in both instances. If we're anti Chris Brown for all of the beating up, then we're anti Rihanna for going back to someone who we're against. But I'm guessing that this won't happen. I'm guessing that there won't be a huge backlash against her for returning to a guy who has already sent her to the hospital once. We'll call her stupid and we'll move on. But why don't we do that in the first place with Chris Brown? I don't get it, but I'm interested in how this one going to go down.

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