Friday, January 29, 2010

Jeanette's Makeup

OK, I'm prefacing this with how I don't do this very often, so no complaining. Besides, y'all already got a "real" post today, so this is just gravy. Mmm...gravy.

The sister of one of my oldest and dearest friends (I know that makes me sound like I'm one hundred or something, but when you've known someone since you were sixteen and now you're, well, not sixteen, 24 years is a long time!) is an awesome makeup artist. She does all sorts of cool stuff and is really good at it.
Yesterday she ditched her website in favor of a blog and claims that she'll be updating it regularly (as was apparently not the case with the website). Have I mentioned that she's really good at what she does? Yeah, she is. And her blog has great photos that showcase her obvious talents.

Anyway, if you feel like it, give her blog a look. But more importantly, if you know someone who needs something like a fake butcher knife embedded in their melon or a fake tattoo of a tiger that covers their entire back (both scenarios involve what is known around my place as "Friday night"), then Jeanette is the chick for all of those odd, odd needs! And you can contact her as well as see several pictures of her awesome work over at Jeanette's Makeup. Yes, click that. Click that now. I appreciate it (and coming from me, that's sayin' a lot).

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