Friday, October 19, 2012

You Haven't Seen The Debate Yet, Asshat

Among the many, many reasons that indicate our impending doom, I present to you another piece to that puzzle. What we have here is someone from the Jimmy Kimmel show who has ventured out onto the streets of Los Angeles (I think it's the Walk of Fame, but I don't really think that factors into what ultimately happens as much as it does just tell you where they are) and asked passers by how they felt about the Presidential debate the night before. But wait! There's a catch! There wasn't a Presidential debate the night before!  No, the Presidential debate was going to take place that night.  So none of the people who were asked "How did you like the debate last night?" had even seen the debate because it hadn't happened yet. 

Now, I know that you might be thinking (or wanting to think) that perhaps they were confused and thought that the person was asking about the first debate.  I wanted to think that as well.  But that wasn't the case.  It was clear that this interviewer was asking about a brand new debate.  And do you know what these people did?  They LIED!  They didn't just lie.  They gave fairly detailed opinions about what they did and didn't like about the newest debate (that hadn't happened yet)!  They cited specific instances in a debate that hadn't even happened yet!  These are people who are eligible to vote!  (Well, except that one guy.  Pretty sure he's been convicted of a felony at some point in his life.)
I really do not understand what just went on there.  Is it just because people want to be on TV?  Why is that so important to some folks?  Are they still happy that they were on TV after it comes out that they're complete dumbasses who didn't know what in the hell they were talking about?!  You know, they probably are!  They're probably just thrilled.  You know why?  Because they're dumbasses, that is correct.  Doomed.  We're so doomed.  Go ahead and vote in three weeks, morons.  Let's see how that turns out for us.  Oooh!  Maybe if we're lucky, they'll just tell us that they voted, kinda like how they watched the debate!  Fingers crossed!    

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