Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's Not The Altitude, Al

The media, who have spent the last four years wetting their collective selves over their unhidden love of President Barry, have been beside themselves ever since the debate debacle the other night.  I thought that Chris Matthews of MSNBC was going to have an aneurysm right there on the air.  He flipped his s***.  It was awesome.  But my point here is that while I knew that the media would be largely disappointed over the failure of their savior to thrive in the spotlight against a formerly robotic Mitt Romney, what I did not know is that some of them would make up the most ridiculous excuses that I have ever heard for the lackluster performance.  Mr. Gore, I'm talking to you. 

That's right.  Al Gore has uttered one of the most ridiculous sentences, let alone excuses, in the history of uttering things. He was making an appearance on his TV station, Current TV (check your local listings and go waaayyyyyy up on the dial) and he leads with "I'm going to say something controversial here."  Problem is that he didn't say something controversial.  He said something asinine.  

"Obama arrived in Denver at 2pm today.  Just a few hours before the debate start.  Romney did his debate prep in Denver."  (It is this point that elicits a deep thought "Mmm-hmmm" from his moronic co-hosts there.)  "When you go to five thousand feet...(Idiotic co-hort: "Exactly.")...and you only have a few hours to adjust...(Other idiotic co-hort: "That's interesting.", it really isn't.)...I don't know...maybe..."  Maybe??  Maybe WHAT?! 

You know, I've flown into Denver International Airport for a few hours and I've gotta say, I was still able to form coherent sentences.  One of the minions on the panel there went on to babble something about how he's been at high altitudes before and it does something to your lungs.  Lungs aren't responsible for brain function!  I don't recall the President wheezing.  I do recall him looking bored, disinterested and having a difficult time getting up the energy to say anything with emphasis and meaning behind it.  The altitude?  Good Lord, Al.  If that's the best that you can come up with, maybe President Barry is in some serious trouble. A video of this, the lamest of all excuses, is below. 

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