Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Those Are The Same People

You know who Kim Kardashian is, right?  Right.  OK, so she used to date Reggie Bush, football player.  Then she got rid of him and entered into an ill-fated marriage with another pro sports player.  After that bit the inevitable dust, she hooked up with Kanye West, ego-inflated rapper.  OK, so that's her brief dating history.  But back to Reggie Bush.  I guess he's gone his way and managed to knock up some chick that he was banging.  But here's the thing.  Tell me what you notice in these pictures.  Here's Kim and Kanye: 

OK.  Now, here's Reggie Bush and girlfriend.  Behold! 

Um, OK, yeah, they're still dating each other; they just don't know it.  See, those are the same people.  Not that there's anything wrong with that!  They clearly know what their type is.  I'm just merely pointing out the stunning similarities between all four of them.  They're the same. 

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