Saturday, October 20, 2012

There's No Such Thing As A First Lady Debate

Jimmy Kimmel has instigated my building the wall around my compound a foot and a half higher.  I need to make sure it's good and tall so that I can keep a safe distance between myself and the general public.  That's right.  Jimmy Kimmel did another man on the street interview about something that never even happened and people answered him as if it did.  The topic this time?  Brace yourself.  He asked people who they thought did better in the First Lady debate the night before.  And people answered him!  First Lady debate?!  What the hell would that even be??  Michelle asserting how children are our future and we need to feed them vegetables?  Ann Romney asserting...her money?  (I don't know a lot about Ann Romney. She seems lovely, however.)  I should mention that they didn't just answer with a simple "It was fine."  (OR the more logical answer of "What in the hell are you talking about?  There's no such thing as a First Lady debate!)  No, they gave fairly detailed responses to back up their opinion...of something that never happened!  What is wrong with people?!  What's with the lying?  So, SO much lying.  And the really scary part is that these people are allowed to vote.  (That should be changed, by the way.  If you show up in a video like this and you're giving your opinion on the First Lady debate, you should automatically forfeit your right to vote for all eternity.  It's the correct thing to do.)  You can watch these morons for yourself in the video below.  Spoiler alert!  One of the idiots is actually in Jimmy Kimmel's audience!  It's a nice little twist.

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