Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Keep Talking!

So, apparently, the folks over at shopping channel QVC really take their stuff pretty seriously.  They really want to sell you some products and they do not want to be interrupted by anything.  And that would seemingly include if the co-host passes out during a demonstration of a product.  Wait.  What? 

Exactly that.  What we have is QVC host, a one Cassie Sloan, demonstrating some sort of kids' tablet.  In the middle of her explanation of how great it is, you can see her arm come up toward her chest as her speech starts getting a bit broken up and slurred.  Next thing you know, she goes down!  The camera cuts to a screen shot of the product and her co-host (I don't know his name, but I'm going to call him Dumbass)  does what anyone no one would do in that situation. He keeps right on trying to sell the product! Just keeps right on talking!  Gotta sell those tablets! 

From what I've read elsewhere, Cassie was down for a couple of minutes, but then she popped right back up and attempted (for some reason) to pick up where she left off!  Who is over there who is letting someone who just passed out continue to sell a product in lieu of getting some sort of medical attention?!  And it's not like she was just fine or anything!  No, she was having a hard time forming words that counted as words.  But yet they just let her keep on talking for at least another minute before she was asked to sit down!  Note to self:  If ever working at QVC, well, first figure out how in the hell that happened.  But second, don't have a stroke on the air and expect to take a little breather afterwards!  Not going to happen!

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