Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Anti-Halloween Stupidity

What we have here is a little Halloween stupidity in the name of fairness or something.  I'm really not too sure what the deal is here, but it's ridiculous and unacceptable.  When elementary schools start banning the kids dressing up for Halloween for non-reasons, we're just that much closer to our doom.
Here's what we have according to CBS Philly. We have the Phoenixville School District banning Halloween costumes at their three elementary schools.  Their reasons?  Let's see...well, the idiocy seems to vary.  Superintendent Alan Fegley seems to be going with "...the elementary schools were all doing different celebrations and the school wanted to keep them consistent, that costume safety was becoming a real concern, and that students who couldn’t afford costumes were feeling left out."  Let's take those from the top, shall we? 

First of all, who in the world cares if different schools do different things?  See, the key word there is "different".  When things are "different" that means they're (wait for it) not the same!  It's right there in the word!  Since when do all schools have to celebrate things the same way?  What happened to all of the "diversity" that I keep hearing about that's supposed to be so great?  I guess Phoenixville School District isn't the place to get that answer. 

Next up is costume safety.  Has something happened that I don't know about that now inhibits schools from coming up with rules as far as what constitutes an appropriate and safe costume?  It says that "costume safety was becoming a real concern", but they don't give any examples of what it is that's concerning them.  I can't even think of what would constitute an unsafe costume in elementary school.  I highly doubt that third graders are coming to school as knife throwers with real knives or as terrorists with car bombs that they detonate at lunch time.  What's an unsafe costume? 

And finally, the reason that I consider to be probably the most idiotic of them all, the alleged unaffordability of costumes.  How much could it possibly cost to cut a couple of eye holes in a sheet and throw it over the kid so that he's a ghost?  What about smearing some makeup on a kid's face, shoving a pillow in his shirt and tying a bandana on a stick (an item that is referred to as a bindle in the bum world) and having the kid be a hobo?  Cover the kid in purple balloons and have him be a bunch of grapes.  SO many inexpensive options.  And really, when you were growing up, you tell me how many kids you knew or even knew of that couldn't afford a Halloween costume of some sort.  Actually, I'll answer that for you.  There were none.  None! 

The article also mentions that the letter that was sent out explaining this lunacy says "We understand that not everyone will agree with this decision. We hope you will realize it was made with the best interests of ALL our students in mind."  No, I don't realize that.  What are their "best interests" that will be served by taking away Halloween?  This is ridiculous.  Not one of the reasons stated are viable on any level.  I don't quite get what this is about, but usually when something this stupid crops up, it has to do with the school being afraid of something that could happen (even when there's no indication that it ever will happen) or it has to do with one person complaining and everyone else feeling like they have to bend over backwards in order to not offend anyone.  Ugh.  We are such a soft society.  Let the kids have Halloween and stop being such asses about everything.  Good Lord.  Doomed we are. 

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