Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Keep Quiet

Once again, a scumbag was arrested for a heinous crime.  And once again, at least one family member had to speak out in favor of said scumbag.  I've said it countless times before, but I guess that it's time to repeat it.  Please, relatives of scumbags, do NOT defend these asshats when you speak with the media.  Better yet?  Don't speak to the media.  I don't need to see you, armed with minimal information, defending someone who appears to be clearly guilty (or, at the very least, mired in some extremely questionable circumstances which could use a whole lot of explaining) simply because you're related to them.  Please stop this.  Please stop this now.

The alleged scumbag is Antolin Garcia-Torres.  He's being charged with kidnapping and murder in the case of the disappearance of Sierra Lamar.  They arrested him after having him under 24-hour surveillance because his DNA was found in her discarded bag of clothes after she disappeared.  After his car was impounded, they found Sierra's DNA inside of his car.  Of course, he's told his mom that he's never seen her before.  Naturally.  Actually, what he said was "I've never seen that lady. I've never made contact with her."  (I kind of thought that was a weird thing to say about a 15-year old.  "That lady"?  Really?  She's 15, dude.)  

Anyway, his sister was interviewed and she has decided that he's innocent.  There's his DNA all over the place and his sister has the nerve to say that he's innocent.  What she said (among other things) was "It wasn't him."  Right.  Of course.  Because she knows what he's been doing at every moment of every day.  It wasn't him?  Please pipe down.  She has absolutely zero basis to say such a thing and in light of the evidence that's out there, I find it rather insulting that she'd go there.

She went on to say, among other things, "I'm sure he didn't do it. We're all sure."  Well, I gotta tell you, I'm not so sure.  Has anyone explained to her about the DNA evidence that they have?  It's probably pretty unusual for a guy to have the DNA of someone that he's never met in his car.  It's probably equally as unusual for the guy to have his very own DNA on the clothing of someone he's never met as well.  I wonder if his all knowing sister has any explanation for any of that?  I'm guessing that she doesn't.  Did I also mention that she called him "genuine" and "sweet".  Yeah, those are not the adjectives that you want to use when describing someone in his situation. 

If, God forbid, you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation that Antolin Garcia-Torres' sister finds herself in, might I please request once again that you say nothing in defense of the person.  Please don't tell us what a great guy you think he is.  Please don't tell us that you know he's innocent, when in reality, you know nothing.  Please don't say anything that even remotely comes to the defense of likely and alleged scumbags who kidnap young 15-year old girls and allegedly kill them.  (Do you have any idea how much I despise feeling the need to throw in the 'allegedly' part?  I'm a big fan of DNA evidence.  And also of reality.)  Just keep quiet.  There's nothing that you can say at that point that is going to make anything any better.  The situation is a mess and  you need to start dealing with that.  The best way to deal with it?  Not do interviews where you defend those sorts of people.  That's going to be best for everyone involved. 

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