Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 Awesome Grandmas

Turns out that while everyone seems to have heard that Kim Kardashian made a sex tape (that launched her into an inexplicable career that no one can define, but that continues to net her millions of dollars each year through her numerous television shows that no one can define either), not everyone has seen it.  I mean, of course I haven't seen it.  I would never do such a thing!  Nope.  Not me.  Uh-uh.  Wait.  Where was I?  Oh, right.  People other than me who haven't seen the sex tape.  It turns out that there are three older women out there and two of them hadn't seen it either.  But the third one had! As she filled the other two in on a little bit of what she had witnessed, they became a little more than intrigued.  Once they found out that it could be found on the Internet, the laptop came out and the viewing began!  And so did the commentary.  That's where the hilarity comes from.  These women are awesome.  I have the feeling that they've seen their share of stuff in their life.  Who hasn't?  This video only shows the three awesome ladies.  It does not show Kim or Ray J or anything that they do and any sort of foul language is bleeped out.  I'll let you decide from that description if this is a safe for work thing.  I guess it could be NSFW, but everything is just implied, so I don't know if that counts at where you work.  But if it does and you can't watch it there, please watch it when you get home.  You won't be sorry. 

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