Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Worst Excuse of 2007

I've heard some pretty bad excuses for a variety of different and usually inexcusable things. But I have finally heard the one that tops them all.

The San Jose Mercury News ran a story on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2007 about how the Latino community of Santa Clara County seems to have the highest rate of foreclosures in 2007. Again, these are people who took out ARMs and had absolutely no way of possibly being able to afford the monthly payment once the loan reset, sometimes in as few as only THREE months! But, they did it anyway. Why? I couldn't even begin to guess because the whole issue seems absolutely ridiculous to me. But I digress. Anyway......here comes the quote

A real estate agent was quoted in the story saying that about 50 people came to him seeking help during last month alone and he expects three times that many this month. (How he can make that sort of a prediction was not explained. I'm assuming because it's made up.) He says, "They don't know where to go. They are afraid to call the lender, or they say no one answers, or that no one there speaks Spanish and they just put you on hold." Did ya catch it?

"No one there speaks Spanish." Are you freaking kidding me? Where? Where is this place that NO ONE speaks Spanish?! Off of the top of my head, I cannot think of ONE business that, if you call them and their automated system, does not have their English greeting immediately followed by "Para la ayuda en espaƱol, por favor prensa numera dos. " The Chinese take-out joint right by here has their hours posted in English AND in Spanish. For Chinese food!! Everything I buy that has any instructions at all comes with a booklet half an inch thick because the instructions are in English AND in Spanish. Everything is in Spanish! EVERY-thing!!

No one speaks Spanish. That's rich. Right. Hmmm...funny, I don't recall them complaining that no one spoke Spanish when they were taking out the ridiculously high interest rate of a loan when they wanted to buy the house. Musta been plenty of Spanish speakers then. But, now, surprise! There's NONE!

If this seemingly mythical, non-Spanish speaking business really does exist, I'd love to know the name of it because I would do every ounce of business that I possibly could with them. And if anyone can come up with a worse excuse, I'd love to hear that too. Just make it in English because, no lie, I don't speak Spanish.

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