Sunday, December 16, 2007

This Footprint Won't Be Carbon

Did you know that if you book a flight online with Delta Airlines, that they give you the option of "erasing your carbon footprint" formed by taking a flight? I guess they calculate how much you're damaging the planet by flying on their fine airline and then, if you opt to, charge you X amount which will be used to some unidentified way to offset the damage you have just done by flying.

It's not cheap, either. We're talking like $70 and higher. What a ruse! Are you serious?! Am I going to spend an extra $70-plus without knowing where that money is going and what it will supposedly be doing? Um, no. I mean, um, hell no. Are there saps out there who WILL be doing that? Of course. The world is full of softheaded individuals. But if you're participating in this scam, your head is buttery soft.

I'm announcing my own program to offset the carbon footprints of air travelers. Here's how it works. If you're going to fly on a certain day, you contact me and see if I'm free. If I am available, I will (for a reasonable fee) agree to NOT fly on the same day that you DO fly. Thus, I am offsetting your carbon footprint by NOT going somewhere. I will only schedule myself for one flight at a time, but can schedule myself for several flights a day as long as none of them overlap.

I'm thinking about expanding this to driving as well. Tell me what times you're in your car and (again for a reasonable fee) I will agree to NOT drive during those times and offset your carbon footprint. How great is that? You feel better. I feel richer. Everyone wins! And yes, I do accept PayPal.

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