Saturday, December 15, 2007

Serious Side Effects, Even Death, May Occur

I love the end of the year because that's when all of the "Best/Worst (fill in the blank) of the Year" stuff comes out. The good folks over there at the Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch sponsor the Wacky Warning Label Contest every year, the purpose of which is to highlight the results of our overly litigous society. Those results being warning labels that point out the painfully obvious.

The winner is the little gem above. It reads, in part, "AVOID DEATH". Now, for me, that's kind of like a day to day motto. Every morning when I get up, first thing I think? That's right. Avoid death. But because this has become a lawsuit happy nation, "avoid death" is now a stated warning. How sad.

The runners up include an iron on T-shirt transfer that reads, "Do not iron while wearing shirt" and a baby stroller with a small pouch that reads, "Do not put child in bag." A label on a letter opener received an honorable mention for it's warning of "Caution: Safety goggles recommended." That's what I want to see. Someone donning safety goggles whilst opening their mail!

Personally, my all time favorite warning label wasn't really a label. It was a warning on a consent form for a flu shot. It read, "Serious side effects, even death, may occur..." Since when is death a side effect?!

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