Friday, December 14, 2007

Come On, Feel A Pulse

By the way, autopsy results are in on Kevin DuBrow, the lead singer for Quiet Riot who died a couple of weeks ago. It should come as no shocker that he was done in by a cocaine overdose. Really, the only shock is that it took so long (DuBrow was 50-something).

What cracks me up is how he is being 'remembered' in articles about him and his passing. Almost inevitably, whatever is written about him will say something to the effect of, "DuBrow was the lead singer for Quiet Riot, a band known for hits such as 'Come On, Feel The Noize'."

Hits? I see 'hit'. Singular. ONE hit. So, shouldn't that be "...known for hit such as...."?

By the way, I think I was 13 when that song came out. The lyrics are something along the lines of, "Come on, feel the noize. Girls, rock your boys." I might not have been quite sure what that meant, but I knew I'd like it.

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