Thursday, March 8, 2012

Miss Lohan! Oh. Sorry.

As far as Lindsay Lohan related news, today was just the best day ever. The New York Post had the story of the day (if there was such a thing) regarding Ms. Lohan. Do you know who Deborah Harry is? She was (is?) the singer for the group, Blondie. Yeah, she's 66. Still pretty hot, but regardless, sixty-six. Anyway, she was coming out of some hotel the other day and was swarmed by photographers. This is Deborah Harry, behold!

She looks pretty good there. But wait. Why so many photographers around Deborah Harry? A lot of it (and by that, I mean all of it) had to do with the photographers not thinking that she was Deborah Harry. Yeah, they thought that she was Lindsay Lohan. Awesome. Behold!

Yeah, I'm not so sure what it's saying if a 66-year old woman is being mistaken for a 25-year old chick. It could say that the 66-year old looks particularly good. (And don't get me wrong. She does.) But let's all be honest. Lindsay Lohan isn't looking great. She looks like she's at least 45. (I kind of imagine that if the photographer could explain this from his perspective he'd say how bad he felt. "I couldn't apologize enough. She certainly didn't appear as old as Lindsay when I got closer.") The hair color and what I have to assume to be collagen injections in her cheeks aren't doing her any favors. Unless the goal is to look so much like a 66-year old that said 66-year old gets mistaken for you. And really, I know this isn't much, but things like this really do make my day.

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MommaLion4 said...

Ha ha great post...i heard on the radio someone making fun of lohans face didnt know what they were talking about...oh now I know! Good heavens! Just cause the judge said you are doing a good job didn't mean get a bad face job...stupid girl just can't figure it out...i love deborah!

Mare said...

Hey, MommaLion4.

I love Deborah Harry also! (Blondie ruled!) I wonder how she feels about Lindsay Lohan looking forty years older and resembling her? If it was anyone else, maybe it would be a compliment? Who knows? All I know is that I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who was thinking that Lindsay was starting to look a little worn.

Thanks for reading!

~ Mare