Friday, March 30, 2012

Didn't Do The Right Thing

I'm going to continue along my line of pointing out the irresponsibility of people in regard to this Trayvon Martin case that is rapidly turning into a public fiasco which is rapidly turning into a lynch mob just itching for action. Today I shall point out the incredibly irresponsible Spike Lee for his reprehensible action on Twitter the other day.

See, a lot of people are still up in arms that George Zimmerman hasn't been arrested for the killing of Trayvon Martin. Mind you, all of these people have no more facts than you and I have. None of us have any idea what went on between the two of them. But for some reason, so many people want to believe that this is nothing more than racism and a young guy was blown away just because he was black. Anyway, Spike Lee is one of these people. This is evidenced by this tweet:

And that's fine. If that's his opinion, he can tweet that all the live long day if he'd like. But that's not what has me ticked off. No, it would be the tweet that he sent out which allegedly had George Zimmerman's home address on it. Behold!

Tell me something, Spike. What were you hoping would happen to Mr. Zimmerman by putting his "home address" out there? I'm having a difficult time coming up with any scenario that does not involve vigilante justice and horrifying violence. THAT is how you think this should be handled? Allow me to reiterate: You don't know what went on! Yes, I wish that the kid hadn't been shot, but I don't have enough information to understand why he was shot. And neither does Spike Lee! But this isn't the worst of it.

See, turns out that the address that he tweeted out to his at least 250,000 followers was the wrong address. The address that he tweeted out actually belonged to a couple in their seventies. And according to the Washington Post, what happened next was exactly what Spike Lee must have wanted to happen.
"Menacing calls. Menacing letters. Menacing envelopes with Taste The Rainbow printed on them." Nice. Real nice. They also received "...hate mail, threats, harassing visits from reporters and fearful inquiries from neighbors." Holy crap. Look at these innocent people:

They had to leave their home because they were so afraid! I'm very thankful that nothing horrible happened to them. And given the mob mentality that people like Spike Lee seem to delight in stirring up, it might be nothing short of amazing that no one did anything terrible to them. (Not that sending letters and calling isn't terrible. You know what I mean.) And what did Spike Lee do in the aftermath of his stupidity and irresponsibility? He sent them an apology tweet.

Yes. A tweet. The tweet simply said "I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was A Mistake. Please Leave The McClain's In Peace. Justice In Court." First of all, what's with the capital letters on every word? It's annoying and it seems like it would take a lot longer to type. Second, just to be pedantic, it should read "McClains", not "McClain's". Seems that grammar isn't his strong suit, either. But finally, it wasn't a mistake. The address was incorrect, but Spike Lee didn't send out that tweet by mistake. He sent it out on purpose. For him not to take responsibility for that in that manner makes me crazy. And saying he's sorry in a tweet, yeah, that'll fix everything.

For someone who seems to think that Trayvon was completely innocent in this whole matter, Spike Lee sure did manage to drag a couple of people are actually ARE completely innocent into this fiasco. The woman used to be a lunch lady and her husband has a heart condition, for crying out loud! Way to go, Spike. You jackass. Does it only go one way with you? It's OK for you to treat people the way that you did, but God forbid if a black person gets treated poorly by anyone? Is that how this works? And people wonder why there is a divide in this country. It's because people like Spike Lee do things like this to make it worse. It's like Jon Stewart said: "
Yes, sending a lynch mob to the wrong address is a bad mistake. But I gotta say, even if it was the right address, that’s still a bad f***ing mistake. Sending a lynch mob to anybody’s address is bad mistake.” And that is why I love Jon Stewart and hate Spike Lee.

People really need to calm their asses down here. If y'all want to protest, I suggest that you take your protests to the Sanford Police Department or the district attorney's office building. There needs to be more information given. There needs to be more explanations given. I think that's part of the anger and hostility that people have right now is that they feel that nothing has been done. And really, not much has been done. I agree. But what is lacking right now is a sense of understanding as to why nothing has been done. The sooner that information gets out there, I think the better that things will be. In the meantime, don't do stupid ass stuff like this. It only makes things worse. And if you're serious about wanting things to get better, please do things that will make things better.

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Juliana said...

Let's not forget our President Barry's tweet! Capitolizing on this young man's death is dispicable.