Thursday, March 29, 2012

Extremely Wrong And Incredibly Irresponsible

What we have here is what I would call the height of irresponsibility for a couple of members of Congress. Apparently, yesterday there were Congressional hearings about the whole Trayvon Martin ordeal. I'm not quite sure why they were holding hearings when all of the facts aren't exactly in or known. And some facts may never be known. But hey, let's hold hearings anyway and say things that are wildly irresponsible.

I'll start with a one Representative Frederica Wilson. Here is what
Ms. Wilson had to say today about a subject that I cannot imagine she has some sort of secret knowledge about. "Mister Speaker, this is Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin's murderer is still at large. I want America to see this sweet, young boy who was hunted down like a dog." Well, then.

I'm really surprised at the kinds of things that you can get away with saying as a Congressperson. Can you call someone a murderer based upon the facts that are available to us at this time? She doesn't know any more than the rest of us know. And honestly, we don't know a lot. I have several questions about what went on that night. I'm not sure why it's taking so long for information to be released, but the longer it takes, the more likely it is that people continue making irresponsible statements like that of Ms. Wilson.

And while I'm on the subject, I have to address her "this sweet, young boy" comment. Because the media seemingly wanted to turn this into a race war, the most commonly circulated picture of Trayvon is one where he is about 13 or 14. You've probably seen this:

But have you seen this?

Or how about this one? Nice grill:

And I wouldn't want to leave out his tattoo. (Yep. 17 years old and sporting a rather large tat.)

Now, just because these photos are more representative of how Trayvon looked recently does NOT mean that he should have been shot. And maybe he was sweet. And maybe he was nice. Everyone has a good side. But these pictures do not exactly portray that of a "sweet, young boy". And I really don't appreciate the media skewing the perception of this for ratings or views or whatever the hell they're interested in these days.

You know what else I don't appreciate? Representative Hank Johnson, for one. Here's what he said about this: "He was executed for WWB in a GC. Walking while black in a gated community." Oh, for cryin' out loud. First of all, it's my understanding that he was in the gated community because his dad lived there. So black people in that community isn't a surprise. Second, it's also my understanding that Trayvon didn't live with his dad (and was only there because he was suspended from school) and therefore, wasn't known in that neighborhood. Again, I'm not saying that the kid should have been shot. I'm just saying that claiming that he was "executed" for being black is awfully disingenuous. (By the way, if the name Hank Johnson sounds familiar to you, this is the same guy who thought that Guam, an island, might one day tip over. And while that doesn't excuse his comments, it does explain a little bit. He ain't all that bright in some areas.)

Why do so many of these black folks that are speaking out think that every white person is a racist? It's like they have some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy that they really want to be true. And then they pull stuff like this and wonder why people get all upset and then attribute that to racism either. We don't not like you because you're black! No, we don't like you because you think every white person is a racist! And we're tired of it. Things happen! Horrible things, sometimes. But it doesn't mean that they're ALL because of racism or racists. So I'd really appreciate it if people would just pipe down until everything is known. Please, pipe down.

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Juliana said...

Good job, Mary!

Dawd L said...

What a fresh relief to read something written so clearly, facts in hand, that express what I think so often. Thank you for this piece!

Mare said...

Thanks, Jules!

And thanks, Dawd L! I appreciate your reading!

~ Mare